We believe craftsmanship is timeless.

Victor Mulbauer, an artisan with an understanding of the future who draws upon the values of fine craftsmanship and armors himself with the culture of old wood, painstakingly built his business the way he crafts his hardwood floors: step-by-step, carrying deeply for the quality of his work.


Wood floors enhance any home and
complement the decor of any room.

We believe that hardwood floors are the ideal home upgrade for any interior designer or homeowner desiring a luxurious finish full of personality and character. Unlike most floor coverings, hardwood floors are a derived from a natural, sustainable resource. When properly installed and maintained, they can last for many years and increase the value of your home.

Custom Hardwood Floor Design

Custom Harwood

Michigan Harwood Floor Services is a pioneer in hand-carved hardwood floors.
Hardwood floor installation

Hardwood Installation

A properly installed and maintained wood floor will last for many years.
UV Light Cured Wood Floor Finish

UV Cured

The UV curing process cures the finish instantly with low VOC.

Why choose Michigan Hardwood Floor Services?

The mission of Michigan Hardwood Floor Services is to deliver outstanding work, beginning with the use of highest quality wood, stains, and finishes, and ending with a wonderful fusion of color and design which preserves the beauty of the wood with long-lasting results.

Michigan Hardwood Floor Services is also NWFA Certified Professional Craftsman and NWFA Wood Floor of the Year winner for Best Textured Wood in 2017.


From hardwood flooring
installation to completely
custom hardwood flooring

Michigan Hardwood Floor Services is the vision of Victor Mulbauer, an artisan with an understanding of the future, who draws from the values of fine craftsmanship and armors himself with the culture of old wood.

When you choose Michigan Hardwood Floor Services, you will be dealing with one person from the beginning to the completion of your flooring project. We are a small business that works directly with our clients, and we believe that craftsmanship is timeless.

Schedule A Consultation

During the In-Home Evaluation, you get to meet me, Victor, and see whether you even want me to be working on your floors in the first place. This is something which may be hard to do when you’re dealing with a salesman or estimator during the quoting process. We take pride in our work, and when you deal with Michigan Hardwood Floor Services, you’ll always be communicating with the same person.

Let's Talk About Your Vision

We want to honor your wishes for the vision of your project, and this can only be done if we see the project in person. Let's setup an appointment to discuss your hardwood flooring project.