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The Importance of Humidity and Your New Floors

Everyone that has lived in Michigan for any period of time knows that there is a LOT of humidity here. When it comes to hardwood floors, humidity is a big issue. When you hire us to install and/or sand and refinish your hardwood floors, you will notice that we

Sunlight and Fading Hardwood Floors

Posted by Victor Mulbauer on May 31st, 2014   If you have hardwood floors in your home then you know that direct sunlight streaming through your windows can be a big issue for your floors. Most of us have experienced moving furniture or an area rug and noticed the

7 Reasons to Uncover the Hardwood Hiding Beneath Your Carpet

Posted by Victor Mulbauer on May 16th, 2014   So you’ve ripped up a corner of your old crusty carpet to see what’s underneath and you’ve discovered hardwood flooring that has been hiding there all this time… how exciting! A lot of houses here Michigan have beautiful solid hardwood

UV Cured Floor – Part 2

Posted by Victor Mulbauer on May 3rd, 2014   In Part 1 of this article, we talked about some of the issues that come from the long cure times of traditional hardwood floor finishes. Namely 1) long waits to replace all furniture and rugs, 2) over exposure to harmful

UV Cured Floors – Part 1

Posted by Victor Mulbauer on April 13th, 2014 One of the biggest hassles in traditional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing is having to wait for the finish to dry and cure before being able to get back on your floor. Let’s face it – you want your life to

Bona’s GREENGUARD Certification – A Healthier Way to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Posted by Victor Mulbauer, March 23rd 2014 From the very beginning of starting Michigan Hardwood Floors Services we have proudly used Bona finishes. There are a couple of important reasons why we chose to use this company’s products and we’d like to share one of the main reasons with

Our Brand New State-Of-The-Art Dust Containment System

Posted by Victor Mulbauer, March 5th 2014 I’m excited to introduce you to our new dust containment system. But before I get to that, I’d like to talk a bit about dust. Nobody likes dust. Unfortunately one of the by-products of getting your hardwood floors sanded and refinished is

Seasonal Expansion and Contraction – Why Does My Hardwood Floor Have Gaps?

Posted by Victor Mulbauer, January 19th 2014 Over the summer you’ve invested a significant amount of money to have either your hardwood floors refinished, or have new wood floors installed. Now, just a few months later, it’s winter and you’re starting to see gaps throughout your floor. What on

A Truly Dustless Sanding System – The Bona Atomic Trailer, Our New Team Member, Is Here and Ready to Work!

Posted by Victor Mulbauer, June 22nd 2013 One of the most acute problems that arise in hardwood floor sanding is the amount of dust that is created in the process. Since its beginnings, our company has been striving to implement innovative products that will reduce the amount of dust

Michigan Hardwood Floors Services – NWFA Certifications

Every business has its story. How it came to be, what steps it took to get there, and the steps it’s taking to keep moving forward. My story starts with my truck and I. In the beginning, I decided to be my own boss, but looking back now, based

National Wood Flooring Association – 2013 NWFA Expo in Dallas, TX

Every year, the NWFA and its members gather to find what’s new in the hardwood flooring industry, to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and to grow together by making new business relationships. This April, it was the sunny Dallas, home to the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center’s turn