Posted by Victor Mulbauer on May 16th, 2014

So you’ve ripped up a corner of your old crusty carpet to see what’s underneath and you’ve discovered hardwood flooring that has been hiding there all this time… how exciting!

A lot of houses here Michigan have beautiful solid hardwood floors that have been covered up by carpeting for decades. Now you need to decide what you’re going to do – stick with carpet or bring those beautiful hardwood floors back to life.

Here are 7 great reasons why we think you should go with the decision to rip out your old carpet and get those beautiful wood floors refinished…

1. Much Easier to Keep Clean

Hardwood floors are way easier to keep clean over the long term because they don’t accumulate hard to remove dirt, dust, and debris like carpet does. No matter how much you vacuum or get your carpets professionally cleaned, you won’t be able to suck up all the gunk stuck underneath them. You should see the amount of dust and dirt that comes up from old carpet and underlay when we remove them.

Properly refinished hardwood floors also have far greater resistance to liquid spills and common household stains and are much easier to clean up after an accident. And the cleaning schedule for keeping wood floors spick and span is easy with regular use of a damp microfiber mop once in a while doing a more thorough clean with an approved cleaner.

2. Way Better for your Health

Hardwood floors are a much healthier choice for anyone with any kind of allergies or if you’re looking to greatly reduce the overall allergens and pollutants in your home’s air. That’s because wood doesn’t have fibers that can trap dust, pollen, dead skin particles, animal hair and dander, fluff, mould, mildew, and other allergens like carpets do – not to mention dust mites which especially love carpeting. Hardwood floors don’t give any of these nasty things a place to hide and accumulate.

There’s a warning on the American Lung Association’s website advising against using carpeting due to the harmful effects these pollutants can have on your respiratory system. They warn that just by walking on them or by vacuuming them you can “disturb settled particles, causing more pollution to become airborne.” It’s not hard to see why carpets are a big health issue, especially for people who suffer with allergies.

3. Longevity, Durability and Respectability

Wood is one of the oldest types of flooring material in the world. Hardwood floors are tough, hard-wearing and have great long term durability. They can stand up to decades of heavy workplace foot traffic. For example, you can visit old buildings and warehouses in Europe that have had wood floors installed for hundreds of years and they still look great today, proving that high quality hardwood floors can last for generations if cared for properly. Have you seen what 30 year old carpet looks like?

Also, keep in mind that unlike carpeting, when your wood floors start looking  a little worse for wear, they can be sanded and refinished to be brought back to new condition. On the other hand when carpet reaches the end of its limited life it will have to be torn out, thrown in a landfill and then replaced with brand new carpeting. It’s rarely necessary to completely replace a wood floor, but when it is necessary, the wood can still be replaced for other uses or as a last resort be used for fuel or heating… no landfill space needed.

4. Increase your Home Value

Hardwood floors can be one of the biggest selling features of a home – along with renovated kitchens and bathrooms. There is no doubt that solid hardwood flooring adds more value to a property compared to carpet, vinyl, tile or laminate flooring. Unlike these other types of flooring, hardwood is long term and never goes out style.

5. Help with a Quicker Sale

If you’re going to sell your house down the road then remember that many prospective homeowners dread the thought of all the work and hassle in removing old carpeting and going through the install or sand and refinishing process. As prospective buyers walk through a place they’re adding up how much time and money they will need to spend getting things renovated and will try to get a lower price. So if you already have your hardwood floors refinished prior to putting it on the market then it will definitely help with a quicker sale and a better price. Houses with hardwood floors are proven to bring in a much higher price compared to similar homes with wall to wall carpet.

6. They Look Great

Hardwood floors are beautiful. They give a much classier and refined look to a home compared to almost any other type of flooring. And it’s just not just us saying that, some of the classiest mansions, libraries, museums and historical estates have beautiful hardwood floors installed in them for the exact same reason – and who are we to argue with that.

7. Completely Customizable

Hardwood floors are also one of the most customizable products in your home. One of the best things about them is that if you decide to change your decor or design style from country or traditional to modern or contemporary, you can change the color and style of your floors to match your new look without having to replace them. Try doing that with any other floor covering.

So there are our 7 top reasons why you should just go ahead and rip that old carpet up and bring your hardwood floors back to life. When you decide to go ahead with your plan, we’ll be here to help. We have the expertise and equipment to completely transform your carpeted floors into the hardwood floor of your dreams.