Founded in 2007 by Victor Mulbauer

Michigan Hardwood Floor Services is an award winning flooring contractor that provides services for floor installation, UV curing, dustless sanding, wood floor refinishing and custom wood floor design services for Farmington Hills, Bloomfield and surrounding Michigan areas. We use dustless sanding and the latest UV curing techniques for low VOC wood floor finishing. Our custom wood floor design services are available for home owners and interior designers looking for a luxury wood floor installation.

Victor believes that hardwood floors are the ideal method through which one can give strong personality and character to their home. Unlike most floor coverings, hardwood floors are a derived natural, sustainable resource, and if properly installed and maintained, can last for many years. Hardwood floors themselves are made from several different types of wood, and can be worked several different ways, thus giving both homeowner and hardwood floor professional many options for implementing an elevated sense of style into the living space. Most hardwood floors may be sanded and refinished multiple times over their time, and each time a floor is sanded, the appearance can be tailored to fit the decoration scheme of the room or area where the floor is to be installed. For these reasons, hardwood floors last beyond a lifetime and are one of the most desirable floor coverings in remodeling and new construction.


Expertise, discipline and precision

The idea of bringing a unique sense of style to one’s home into every project he works on stems from Victor’s dedication to his work – he has a continued desire to provide the very best for every one of his customers. In the beginning stages of building his business, it was this inclination towards positivity which inspired Victor to seek out an institution which would allow him to not only cement his skills, but to also keep up with the latest in the flooring industry. The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has allowed him to build a strong foundation for his skillset. Providing hands-on courses through their annual conferences, Victor studied under the direction of NWFA professionals and obtained first the qualification of Certified Installer, then became a Certified Sand and Finisher, and finally moved through finishing a Master Craftsman Degree. Victor continues to attend courses annually and has combined the skills he acquired through the academy with his love of art to design a hardwood floor which would go on to receive the Wood Floor of the Year Award in 2017 for Best Textured Wood.

Similar to his education and training, Victor maintains the use of cutting-edge technology in hardwood floor products and equipment. Environmentally friendly practices are the new standard in every industry, and Victor abides by that. Michigan Hardwood Floor Services has invested in the most state-of-the art dustless system available, allowing for delivery of safe, eco-friendly hardwood floor refinishing process. The company also uses hardwood floor stains and finishes which are GreenGuard Certified as well as friendly instant-light curing finishes.

Alongside installation, sanding, and refinishing, Michigan Hardwood Floor Services also prides itself on bringing back the beauty of hand-carved hardwood floors. Being on the job site all day, Victor realized that every project is unique and essentially, every piece of wood wants its story to be told.

Through embracing craftsmanship and modern, creative approaches, Michigan Hardwood Floor Services prides itself on its credentials and reputation of being the industry standard in hardwood floor installation, sanding, and finishing. The mission of Michigan Hardwood Floor Services is to deliver outstanding work, beginning with using the highest quality of wood, stains, and finishes, and ending with a fusion of color and design to preserve the beauty of the wood.

Our services embody Victor Mulbauer’s philosophy of life – honesty, authenticity, heritage, modern interpretation, as well as superior craftsmanship. We believe that craftsmanship is timeless, and we hope you will find inspiration on our website. I really look forward to finding out a bit about you and your hardwood flooring project.


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