Look no further for hardwood flooring inspiration for 2023! Here are the top hardwood flooring trends as identified by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) based on industry outlook research that the organization conducts on a yearly basis. We’ve interpreted them based on installations Michigan Hardwood Floor Services has recently completed.

NWFA’s Color and Custom Hardwood Flooring Installation Trends

For 2023, NWFA predicts the following color changes:

  • A continued increase in demand for natural wood colors
  • An increase in dark stains
  • Less interest in gray stains and cerused (or two-toned) looks

In terms of types of hardwood flooring, demand is expected to increase for:

  • Parquet floors
  • Engineered hardwood floors
  • Factory-finished wood floors
  • Long and wide hardwood floor planks
  • Rustic, textured finishes (e.g., reclaimed wood looks)

How Does NWFA’s Research Translate to Michigan Hardwood Flooring Inspiration for 2023?

The NWFA obtains feedback from the entire country for its research. To put that information into context, let’s look at what Michigan Hardwood Floor Services has observed based on 2022 installations and requests for 2023 projects.

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Given the data, how does that relate to hardwood flooring customers in Michigan? Interestingly, it’s quite similar.

Natural Hardwood Floors Continue Strong

Hardwood Flooring Inspiration for 2023

Natural hardwood floors, and especially neutral-colored floors that oak wood offers, continue to be a customer favorite. They add light and space to rooms and are versatile enough to fit into a variety of living spaces.

Here are a few projects highlighting natural looks:

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>> Here’s an Ann Arbor, Michigan project that features Light Hardwood Floors

If your preference is towards light-colored floors but not so much their natural look, you can try whitewashed or very pale light-colored wood floors.

These two options have been among consumers’ preferences for some time now and are aiming to stay there and won’t feel out of style in a few years.

Pale stain project captures the trend toward natural hardwood floors

>> If you like whitewashed natural tones, check out this Modern Light Flooring project.

Dark Stains

Be inspired! Hardwood floor installation in Ann Arbor, MI

And, in the opposite extreme to natural stains, you’ll find dark stains. Here are two interpretations of dark stains.

1. Intensely Dark Ebony Floors

For high contrast and drama, consider a stain as dark as ebony! Dark stains are not as popular as natural tones. However, they are a favorite for those who lean towards a classic style. Darker stains are also preferred by interior designers.

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2. Walnut Stain

Classic, mid-tone brown floors have slowly made a comeback and are starting to trend! I would put it nicely by saying that they never disappeared from the color wheel but rather were overshadowed by more popular trends.

However, as clients move towards timeless, traditional designs, I think they may be starting to see that these colors are long-lasting. Mid-town brown floors can be found in houses built anywhere from the early 1900s to the modern day.

Since we’re on the topic of classic, walnut color is a special preference in 2023 trends. Walnut stains can add more variation to the overall finished floors. Consider stain colors like Dark Walnut or Special Walnut stain, or even better, a real walnut wood floor with its famous and diverse stunning variations of color.

Beautiful Walnut Floor brought back to the light through dustless sanding and refinishing.

Check out this project where Walnut floors naturally come alive: Whole House Refinishing Project.

Parquet Floors

Parquet floors are a favorite! Some patterns which are becoming more sought after include Herringbone, Chevron, and Versailles Wood Parquet Floors. These floors bring elements of craftsmanship and authenticity, which perfectly integrate themselves into this timeless trend mentioned above.

Be inspired with Parquet Floor Inspiration From Around the World.

And, you’ll love this Custom Herringbone Installation with a Custom Border.

Sustainable Flooring Inspiration

These days, as consumers become more aware of their daily effects on the environment, the hardwood flooring industry is stepping up to the plate with sustainability-based solutions.

We know from a previous article written by us, that an engineered hardwood floor design has two main components – the top layer containing the real hardwood portion, with a bottom layer composed of plywood or other materials. I’ve noticed that engineered hardwood is increasingly becoming more popular amongst consumers.

Another great option is reclaimed wood; these are wooden planks that have had a previous life in another building and have been preserved to be used in new projects.

New install of hand-scraped, reclaimed hardwood floor.
Reclaimed engineered wood floor installation: addition

A more innovative solution was brought to the market by the Bolefloor company from Europe. Instead of cutting a small piece of straight plank from a large piece of wood, Bolefloor technology preserves the natural size and shape of the planks, allowing more to be used from each tree compared to the traditional milling process.

>> Bolefloor Walnut Floors and Walls features two projects where this curved Walnut hardwood beautifully transformed the spaces.

Engineered Hardwood Floors, Wide Planks, and Rustic Looks

Perhaps what’s most interesting is the engineered hardwood floor trend. Several of the looks detailed in this article – such as very wide and very long planks – aren’t possible without engineered floors. For that reason, we’ve grouped engineered and wide plank projects into the same category:

>> Engineered Hardwood Project

>> Wide Plank Wood Flooring

>> Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

>> See Jacobean 6-inch Sand and Refinish Project

Trends give you ideas and inspiration for what homeowners like you are considering for their homes. Ultimately, though, hardwood floors will never go out of style. So whatever you select, base it on what you love and how it looks in your space.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Michigan Hardwood Floor Services with your wood floor questions. We can help you create the look that inspires you most.