Interior design trends may come and go, but what is most important to keep in mind when conducting a renovation in your home, is how you want to feel in that space. The latest trends suggest a shift towards environmentally-friendly products, and what a more beautiful way to contribute to that cause than refurbishing your already existing wood floors.

Below I’ve listed some wood types. The natural color is for many species an element of identification, and as a result, the same goes for wood. To me, each species of wood is so beautiful in its own original shade, even if there may exist some uneven color. The imperfection of that natural color is exactly what gives it charm and enlivens the wood — wouldn’t it be a shame to color a Walnut, Cherry, or Acacia Wood? We stand to lose so much by gaining a stern uniformity.


Take Cherry Wood for example — Brazilian or American — this wood species has become in a way the “unwanted child” in hardwood floor color preferences of homeowners. I receive so many requests along the lines of “How can I do away with my Red Brazilian Cherry floors?”, to which my response is always the question of why anyone would ever want to change Cherry’s natural color. In my personal opinion, putting a different stain on Cherry Wood causes it to lose its natural beauty and value. See below a Cherry hardwood sand/refinishing, and one that the customer wanted to change the color.

Brazilian Cherry in its natural color.
Brazilian Cherry with stain on it.


Another type of wood specie much appreciated for its color is Walnut. The color of Walnut Wood is so famous and diverse that it would be great solace for it to be hidden underneath a stain.

Natural Walnut without stain.
Natural Walnut without stain.
Natural Walnut without stain (wood imported from Lithuania).
Natural Walnut, installation in process (wood imported from Lithuania).

We’ve discussed a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right color for your floor, however, the most important thing to do when choosing a stain is to ask to see samples on the floor first. We always encourage customers to choose between 1-3 colors of stain and apply those colors on the floor. It is very important to see what these colors look like on your floor, because it will be different from how you see the same stain color in a home store, a picture from magazine, or even manufacturer’s samples.

Example of stains on a customer’s floor — you’ll notice that there are several colors with several gloss types.


Oak Wood is by far the most common wood in the hardwood flooring industry. Oak Wood is a wood with personality and character, ranging in color from white to iridescent green or red, with a hint of red. If you want to apply a stain, Oak Wood is the perfect canvas.


Despite all these options, light wood floors are a continuous trend in hardwood flooring, especially when it comes to White Oak. Many customers are searching for a neutral, organic look with muted tones. At the same time, the increasingly popular whitewash White Oak gives the room a relaxed vibe, and light wood floor color options reflect light with the main goal being to open up the space. If you are considering designing your room based on a contemporary style or even a popular farmhouse, light tones are the perfect addition. But it’s not just about the look, these lights colors are known to show less dirt, scratches, and dents, when compared to darker floors, which result in less cleaning and maintenance.

An instance where light wood floors paired with large windows can open up the space.
The beautiful sunrays highlighting the light wood floors on a chilly April morning.
Another example of light wood floors.
French doors give way to beautifully-illuminated light wood floors.


If you’re looking for something a bit darker, medium wood floors resemble the perfect balance between light and dark wood flooring. Investment-wise, medium wood floors will appeal to most home buyers if you ever decide to sell. That is because medium wood floors are more versatile and will work with a wide range of design styles, from modern to rustic.

Medium wood floors highlight the fireplace, and give way to the rest of the house.
Just these windows are enough to illuminate this room and its medium wood floors.


Dark colors such as Brown or Ebony for example, are rich tones designed to capture the homeowner’s attention, and have been on an upward trend. Darker colors are classy, and make open spaces feel more close and intimate. I remember 3-4 years ago, I sand & refinished a hardwood floor and the homeowners chose an Ebony stain for their floor. They contrasted by pairing light colored walls with dark wood floors for a dramatic effect. It was the absolute perfect combination — as if one walks barefoot on the warm earth on a sunny summer day. These same customers purchased a new home and I was lucky enough to work on that project as well. It was quite challenging, a new installation that should weave in perfectly with the existing floor. When it came to choosing the floor’s color, the winner was Ebony again — brown, in its best ambiance, is stylish and classic — their new house has bright spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows, and the Ebony floor adds an interesting note to the house and lays the foundation for the homeowner’s decoration ideas. The one major drawback to dark hardwood floor colors is it tends to show footprints, dog hair, dust, and scratches, more than light wood floors, and may therefore require more upkeep. However, in your house you should feel most comfortable, and we always recommend the customer choose the stain and wood that will make them feel most at home.

Dark wood floors with a light railway paired with light ways for maximum contrast — a great way to open up any space.
An example of custom Ebony stain on wood floors.
Dark wood floors pair greatly with light colored walls, this extreme contrast gives a warm, classy, intimate feel to the room.

With all of the above being said, how you choose the color for your hardwood floors depends solely on your preference, and what exactly you believe will turn your house into a home, a pleasant place where furniture, light in the room, and size of the room are all in perfect harmony with the hardwood floors. Here at Michigan Hardwood Floors Services, LLC. we can help you create a space that is just that. Whether you are up for one of the latest trends in flooring or if you decide to keep a classic floor, we can help you create a space which is uniquely your own.