As we approach the beginning of April, the warm weather of the last few days predicts the arrival of spring. It is also the perfect time to consider the potential of your hardwood floors. When revitalized, these floors can bring timeless elegance and durability to your home, making them a key element in any home improvement or renovation project.

Whether you plan to sell your home this year or wish to give it a fresh look, hardwood floors are a practical and stylish choice for any household. They increase the resale value of your home and provide a durable and elegant flooring solution that can withstand the test of time. With hardwood floors, you’re investing in your home’s aesthetics and its long-term functionality.

Timing is everything for home improvement projects, and hardwood floors are no exception. Spring and early summer, with their moderate temperatures and optimal humidity levels, create a perfect environment for these improvements.

If you are sanding, refinishing, or installing a new parquet, these warmer seasons allow for perfect drying and curing of the finishing materials and the necessary acclimatization of the wood before installation.

Are you ready to transform your home? My 2023 projects may offer a wellspring of inspiration. These projects didn’t just enhance the aesthetic appeal of our client’s homes; they elevated their market value and made them more desirable in the real estate market. Imagine the same for your home with a hardwood floor project!

A Clean and Healthy Way to Restore Hardwood Floors

The Bona Atomic Dust Containment System used by Michigan Hardwood Floor Services, LLC. to ensure a dustless sanding and refinishing process. The Bona DCS system sits outside the customer's home. As the sanding and refinishing process takes place, a hose is attached to the sanding machine which automatically traps and disposes of the dust inside of this DCS system parked outside the customer's home.
Breathe easy with Dustless Sanding

When thinking sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, the first question you might have is, will this process leave my house covered in dust? Our answer is NO. On the contrary, with Michigan Hardwood Floor Services, you can breathe easy,quite literally. We have a dustless containment system hooked up to our sanding machine through a hose. Each and every speckle of dust that may arise during the sanding process is sucked up through this house and outside into the Bona Dust Containment System that will be parked outside your home. This is a process that is safe not only for you, but also for you and your family . You can be assured that we’ll restore your hardwood floor without the dust, smell, and hassle of traditional hardwood floor refinishing, leaving you with beautifully renewed space and no cleaning headaches.

Now that we’ve solved the dust issue, let’s explore the palette of stain colors that will create a welcoming ambiance in your home.

Natural Stain Still Going Strong

In the last two to three years, light and natural hardwood floors have been among the most
popular color trends. From my experience in working with customers and what I’m seeing
online, I believe this trend will continue strong in 2024, with an increasing demand for cleaner,more natural wood colors with matte or satin sheen.
Light-colored hardwood floors also effortlessly complement modern and traditional spaces, and amplify the room’s brightness. They create an illusion of spaciousness and add depth to smaller rooms, giving you the confidence to make the most of your space.

Red oak sand and finish, a neutral, organic, earthy look

Warm and Rich Colors Like Tones of Brown Remain a Classic Choice

Brown hue stain to complete this beautiful estate

Though lighter shades of hardwood floors are trending, warm and rich colors like brown tones remain a classic choice. Just as light colors harmonize with modern and traditional spaces, opting for an everlasting brown hue offers a sense of warmth and richness, ensuring your design choices remain secure and relevant for years.

Another aspect homeowners should consider when discussing the parquet’s color is urability. Darker hardwood floors are more suitable for high traffic because scratches are less visible, while light colors can better hide dust and pet hair.

Picking the Right Sheen of Finish for Your Wood Floor

The sheen you choose for your wood floor finish is very important because, together with the stain color, it will determine the look and feel that complements your home’s style and decor. Among the sheen options, satin was the one I used the most on my past year’s projects.  However, matte finishes are starting to gain ground and become increasingly popular. Not only are they more forgiving of showing scratches and imperfections than other sheen, but they offer a subtle, sophisticated appearance. 

Mathe sheen, natural luster without being too shiny

Transitioning From Carpet to Hardwood Floor

Goodbye carpet!
Hello richy colored wood floors!

There is a reason why historical homes often feature hardwood floors. As an ageless classic, hardwood flooring can provide style and durability for your home. Over time, most of these beautiful floors were covered with carpet to keep up with style. Nowadays, there is a shake-up in home improvements and renovation projects about hardwood floors, and we see a transition back from carpet to hardwood floors.
Transitioning from carpet to hardwood floors can breathe new life into your home. Wood never goes out of style. It is durable, easy to maintain, and has multiple finishing possibilities. Among all existing types of flooring, a house with a hardwood floor will always be the warmest and most welcoming home.

Renew Your Space With New Hardwood Flooring

Intrigue Red Oak installation of mixed widths floorboards!
Only wood grain shine under this custom stain and low sheen of finish!

Are you tired of the same old hardwood floor styles? Do you want to add a touch of personality and creativity to your home? Look no further than the latest trend in hardwood flooring: mixed widths and patterns. Mixing different widths and patterns of hardwood floor planks can create a truly unique and visually stunning floor design that will impress.

Last year, one of our clients chose to mix different hardwood floor plank widths. This project involved a glue-assist installation of Red Oak floorboards with a width of 3, 4, and 5 inches. Once we installed the hardwood floors, we created a custom stain color to match this intriguing installation. Then, it was essential to protect it with a high-quality finish.
Here at Michigan Hardwood Floor Services, our durable water-based finishes provide exceptional durability and resistance to wear, ensuring your beautiful new floors stand the test of time.

Finish With a Flourish : Two Standout Wood Flooring Projects

Warmth and beauty on this Birch wood floor!

Now last but not least, I wanted to show you a few of my favorite projects from last year (which I find were also the most interesting). The first was sanding and refinishing a 7-inch wide hand-scrap pre-finished hardwood floor. I mentioned in a previous article that a factory finish covered a mix of red and white oak, which was visible only after sanding down the finish. This case was not a mix but a birch wood. This type of wood for parquet is quite rare, birch being the most well-known wood in
manufacturing plywood. But with a thick factory finish and a hand-scraped detail, it is effortless to steal your eyes. After sanding down the factory finish, the wood was remarkable; the grain was lovely and prominent, and with this natural look, it would have been a very modern appearance. My
client, however, wanted to have an antique brown stain on it to match the rest of the carpentry in the house.

Herringbone, a classic wood floor never goes out of style!

Bolder, better, more beautiful than the “before”!

When we talk about timelessness, hardwood floors are the epitome. With over 40 years of life, wood floors can be reconditioned 3-4 times. With the versatility to suit any room in classic or modern styles, hardwood floors are a reliable and long-lasting investment. And when you add a herringbone or basket wave pattern, the result is a masterpiece. This next example project is a house which has herringbone and basket wave parquet throughout, and we sanded and refinished it. Achieving a completely flat floor is crucial for multi-directional floors like herringbone pattern. My Trio machine from Lagler was the perfect tool for this job.Like in any other trade, products and equipment are very important, but education and craftsmanship are the defining factors. We then stained the floor a medium brown color, enhancing its natural beauty. The result is a stunning herringbone wood pattern you’ll never tire of.


Making long-term design decisions for your home is challenging. The floor is not only installed for the long term; it represents the large surface of the house. If you prefer a hardwood floor for your house, it will always be the warmest and most welcoming home among all existing types of flooring. The features and advantages offered are a perfect choice for those who prefer to invest in a unique product that is resistant over time, easy to maintain and reconditioned, and has multiple finishing possibilities, which will add value to any layout.

Whatever your project—sanding and refinishing hardwood floors,replacing the carpet with a beautiful hardwood floor, or looking for a custom hardwood floor installation—Michigan Hardwood Floor Services, with our attention to detail, patience, and skill, is here to serve you.

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