You have a large selection of hardwood floor companies to select from here in Detroit. It’s a big decision choosing who to trust the installation or restoration of your floors with, so I’m honored you are considering me.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about my business and who you’ll be working with if you eventually do decide to hire me to transform your hardwood floors.

My name is Victor Mulbauer. Originally from Romania, I moved to the USA in the early 2000’s.

Coming to the States was an incredible dream come true. Before venturing out on my own, I worked for a couple of different hardwood flooring companies and built on my woodworking skills I acquired in Romania as a floor installer and restoration specialist. After some time, I realized that I would be able to make much better use of my skills and be able to consistently perform the higher quality work I have always wanted to do if I went out on my own.

That became a reality when I started up my small business that would eventually be called Michigan Hardwood Floors Services, LLC.


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So why should you consider working with me?

When I started on my own I made a promise to myself that I would always look after my clients the best I could and that I would continually better myself with advanced skills and education in this exciting industry. There are far too many guys in this line of work that just “get by” with minimum training, basic skills and use of the cheapest products. I didn’t want to be in that class. I’ve worked extremely hard to get to where I can offer the very best in hardwood flooring services to potential clients like you today.


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Below you can see the continual education I’ve completed over the last few years…

  • April 2010 – New York, NY
    NWFA – Installation
    NWFA – Professional Sand and Finish
  • May 2010 – New York, NY
    NWFACP – Certified Installer
    NWFACP – Certified Sander and Finisher
  • September 2010 – St. Louis, MO
    NWFA – Expert Installation: Jigs and Staircase 
  • October 2011 – St. Louis, MO
    NWFA – Expert Sand and Finish
  • October 2012 – St. Louis, MO
    NWFA – Expert Installation
  • April 2013 – Charlotte, NC
    BONA US – Sand and Finish School
  • July 2013 – Charlotte, NC
    BONA Craftsman Certification
  • December 2013 – Nashville, TN
    Restoration Sciences Academy – Restorative Drying course 101 and 201
  • February 2014 – Denver, CO
    Attended first BONA US Craftsman Convention
  • April 2014 – Nashville, TN
    NWFA Convention – Received the NWFA Craftsman Degree
  • June 2014 – St. Louis, MO
    NWFA Inspectors Workshops
  • MAY 2015ST. LOUIS, MO
    NWFA Convention – Received the NWFA Master Craftsman Degree

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As you can see I’ve invested a lot of time and money into travel and training in order to become the very best hardwood floor professional I can be. I’m very proud of my Certifications knowing that they provide you with the assurance that I’m held accountable to very high standards for my work.

In order to keep these certifications, I need to keep up with the training and education requirements throughout the year which continually keeps me on my toes.

As you may have noticed above, my Certified Professional status with the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) includes both Install and Sand and Finish Certification. In the southeast Michigan area, I’m one of only two that hold these certifications. There aren’t too many in the country that have all three qualifications because this is a pretty intensive set of courses. In order to verify these, you can head over to Click on ‘Find a Professional’ then click on ‘Certified Professionals’. There you can type in ‘Detroit’ and see what qualifications the businesses you’re considering hiring to work on your floors have – or don’t have.

You can also see my Bona Certified Craftsman status by clicking here:

Below is a quote from the NWFA website that explains why I’m so passionate about all this training…

  1. nwfa-memberWhy Choose a Certified Professional?
  • NWFA Certified Professionals have gone above and beyond to earn their certifications. NWFA Certified Professionals are recognized in the wood flooring industry as the best in the business. In fact, more than 30 manufacturers recommend the use of an NWFA Certified Professional in their guidelines.

I’m dedicated to being one of these “best in the business” professionals. I still have higher aspirations too. As we speak I’m working on my Master Craftsmen certification from the NWFA and hope to achieve that in the near future.


There are a number of other good reasons to consider hiring me as well

Education and qualifications are one thing, but there are other issues to consider when hiring someone that are just as important.


Dust Containment

Dealing with clouds of dust is always one of the greatest fears for most of our clients. You’ve probably heard many horror stories of home owners having to spend weeks cleaning up the huge mess after they’ve had their hardwood floors sanded.

If you decide to work with me you won’t ever have to worry about this issue. We have invested in the most state-of-the-art dustless system available. You can read all about it and our amazing dustless process HERE.


Lots of Great References

When deciding between what businesses you want to work with, it’s important to get feedback from previous customers. Thankfully that’s easier to do these days with the internet and online reviews. We’re very proud of our track record with our clients and we have many wonderful reviews on websites like Angie’s List.angies-list

In fact, Angie’s List awarded us with their Super Service Award in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and we’re working hard to receive one for this year as well. Our mostly positive reviews there speak for themselves. Some things I obviously can’t control though – like the guy who wrote a bad review about my accent.

If those reviews aren’t enough then I am more than happy to arrange for you to talk with the client I’m working with right now if you like – I have nothing to hide and that’s about as current as you can get.


You Only Have To Deal With One Person – Me

Unlike some bigger companies and franchises, when you hire me you’ll be dealing with one person from the beginning to the completion of your flooring project. There’s no flashy salesman or estimator that comes out to do the quote and then a separate crew or sub-contractor that shows up to do the actual work.

With separate crews and sub-contractors you have to cross your fingers and hope they will be people you can trust to look after your property and do a good job, because you will only get to meet them the morning they show up to start the job. When I come out to do the estimate you’ll be able to size me up then and there and see if I’m the kind of person you would be happy to have working in your home.

Dealing with only one person also cuts out the frustration of misunderstandings and miscommunication that could come up when dealing with numerous people. And also, unlike a sub-contractor or employee, it’s my very own reputation on the line, so by having me work on your floors personally, I’m going to make sure I do a great job so I can earn a great reference from you as well.


uv-curingState-of-the-Art Products and Techniques

Like my education, I also stay on the cutting edge of hardwood flooring products and equipment. When you hire me, you can be assured that I’ll be using the very best finish systems available.

In fact we are currently the only hardwood floor refinishing business in the southeast Michigan that has invested in the very latest site applied UV floor curing system. You can read about the amazing benefits this provides: /blog/2014/05/03/uv-cured-floor-part-2/

I’m extremely proud that my education, products, techniques, and finish systems are the best-of-the-best. I promise I’ll look after your home just like it is my own and I guarantee you’ll be ecstatic with your floors after I’ve worked my magic on them.

So that’s a little about me. I’m really looking forward to finding out a bit about you and your hardwood flooring project.


For a FREE Estimate please feel free to contact me at 248-470-7690 or email me at