Posted by Victor Mulbauer, March 5th 2014

I’m excited to introduce you to our new dust containment system. But before I get to that, I’d like to talk a bit about dust.

Nobody likes dust.

Unfortunately one of the by-products of getting your hardwood floors sanded and refinished is exactly that… lots and lots of dust. Dust has been a big problem in the hardwood floor refinishing industry for decades. If not contained properly during the sanding process, the vast amount of dust created can leave a huge mess.

You’ve probably heard horrible stories from friends or family about super fine dust getting into, onto, and under absolutely everything after having their floors refinished. It’s not a fun experience. Imagine having to move out of your home for a few days while you get your floors refinished, and then, just when you think the worst is over, having to spend a few more days cleaning the dusty mess the floor refinishing guys made before moving back.

Picture dust throughout all your cupboards and closets, on your out-of-reach light fixtures and ceiling fans, all over the walls and sills and worse… all throughout the impossible to get to ducting running through the house. Everything is coated with a fine film of dust and it all needs hours and hours of cleaning.

Definitely not fun cleaning up a mess like that.

Unfortunately that’s the reality for many homeowners throughout Michigan and Detroit that hire hardwood floor sanding companies that sand floors and try to contain dust the traditional way. Not only that, but it is important to keep in mind that while dust might be harmful to your home, it is also harmful to your health and the health of your family, due to dust being a carcinogen.

How Dust Used to be Contained… 

The traditional way of sanding a floor includes using cloth bags that are tied to the big belt sander and smaller cloth bags attached to the edgers. They do work to an extent, but they are by no means effective at completely containing the vast amounts of dust these machines kick out. A lot of dust gets airborne throughout the cloth bags. Then there’s the mess caused by the bags being shaken as they’re emptied out.

The biggest dust maker though is the buffer. This machine is used to blend the different sanding patterns of the belt sander and edger together and provide a flat finished floor. Because it’s a finishing sander, it kicks up super fine dust like nothing else, and… there is no bag that’s able to be attached to it to even try to contain the mess.

No wonder people put off getting their floors restored!

The New Way of Dust Containment

In the last few years there have been big achievements in the dust containment field. Here at Michigan Hardwood Floors Services, we have experimented with and used numerous dust containment systems during this time. They all worked much better than just using cloth bags. But they all had limitations.

Portable dustless systems that were set-up inside the house still let small clouds of dust escape as they were emptied, which is a common occurrence because of their small drums. They would cause dust to go everywhere when they got blocked up and needed cleaning out, and they were also noisy and got in the way.

We wanted something better.

We wanted a system that would guarantee that 98 – 99 percent of the dust generated by our sanding machines would be sucked up… but we also wanted it to be taken completely out of the house so it was gone for good. No more removing full bags of dust or unclogging a blocked vacuum inside, or just outside the door, or a customer’s home.

Introducing Our New Dust Containment System!

After much consideration and careful research, we made a big decision and decided to finally invest in one of the best – if not THE BEST AND MOST POWERFUL – dust containment systems available. We figured we were going to do it we might as well do it properly.

So we’d like to introduce our newest member of our team… the state-of-the-art BONA ATOMIC DCS system!

This high end dust containment system is mounted in an enclosed trailer and has a super powerful 4 stroke, V-Twin gas powered engine driving it. It creates a lot of CFM and water lift – both important measurements for removing dust. It makes the other dust containment systems we used look like toys. This machine is a dust eating monster!

The belt sander, edger, and yes, even the buffer, are connected to a 2″ non-marking hose which is attached to the separate dust collector vacuum system located in the trailer.

The sanding dust is sucked up at the source and then quickly and efficiently transferred outside through the long hoses where it’s dumped into the large enclosed trailer mounted drum, never to be seen again. The emptying all gets done off site and if there is ever a problem with the system getting blocked, the problem is contained in the enclosed trailer, far away from your home. It works amazingly well in stopping almost all the dust from becoming airborne during the sanding process.

It really is an amazing system and we’re very proud of the new level of cleanliness we can offer because of it. Not only will your home be much cleaner after the refinishing process because of the lack of dust, it has other benefits too.

With the old way of sanding, there was a lot of dust floating around in the room… even if it had been cleaned and vacuumed well. These dust particles would land on the wet finish as it dried and cause a rough surface in areas. With our new powerful BONA ATOMIC DCS trailer, the dust gets sucked away before it gets airborne, so there is extremely little dust in the air. It also keeps us and our clothes dust free as we sand, so next to no dust falls from our clothes or hair as we coat the floor. That means a much smoother and debris free floor for you to enjoy.

There’s also a huge health benefit. Because dust is kept to an absolute minimum during the sanding process, there will be no vast amounts of carcinogenic dust spread throughout your home and in the ducting like there would have been with the old way of sanding… so you and your family can breathe safely afterwards.

Now you really can get your floors sanded without dreading about that huge dusty mess to clean up. We’re excited about and love the newest member of Michigan Hardwood Floors Services, and we know you will too once you see it in action on your floors.