Recipient of the Wood Floor of the Year Award in 2017 for Best Textured Wood from the National Wood Flooring Association

This award-winning custom-created floor represents an example of the kind of custom flooring projects that Michigan Hardwood Floor Services and Victor Mulbauer can create for your home. They are one-of-a-kind design pieces that are sure to delight you and anyone who visits your home.


  • This 150 sq ft project required intricate hand-carving and wire-brushing.


  • The seven elevated wood tiles were given an enriching multi-dimensional look with the aid of the contrasting mosaic; darker wood pieces of the mosaic slowly transitioning into lighter shades.


  • Hexagonal wood tiles gave way to the bold frame surrounding the heart of this project. Hand-carved, the bold wooden frame provided a relaxing seat to the wooden leaves at each of its four corners.


  • A thin border between the varied installation directions of the Brazilian Cherry defined the fine line between dreams and reality.

Understanding the Nuances of the Wood

As Victor explains,

“I needed to add nuances to the floor, so after studying the wood I was working with more closely, I realized that I should show its natural color. However, I wanted to give a hint of color between the hand-carved tiles, so I came up with the idea of making one custom color using top grain cut mosaic from the wood, as well as different wood species that would give the mosaic part of the floor a custom stain.

I used darker wood on the edges, right near the hand-carved wooden frame, and then purposely chose lighter wood as the mosaic neared the center heart of this project.

To create the mosaic, I used hickory, pecan, walnut, and maple wood.”



“My first design suffered a lot of modifications as I had new ideas constantly forming in my head. The initial paper I drew my first design on had so many markings and erase marks, that I wasn’t sure it would survive another draft.”


Hand-Carving the Competition Floor Elements


“The next step was to hand-carve those seven tiles, four leaves, and two ends around the frame.

Once I had all these pieces of my project ready, I made another drawing of the floor in the room where the installation would take place. I had to double-check the measurements to ensure that they would match every single piece I had worked on, otherwise, the wood pieces would not fit and the project would fall apart.

To my pleasant surprise, the measurements were perfect and now all I had to worry about was the project illuminating the design I had in my mind.”


Completing the Competition Floor

“I enjoyed working on the whole project but probably the most rewarding part was the installation; seeing how everything came together and transposed from the idea and design to reality and the finished result made me very happy.”

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