Installation Featuring a Custom Herringbone Flooring Pattern With a Custom Border

This custom hardwood herringbone installation project took place at the Holy Dormition Orthodox Monastery, a newly-built monastery located in Rives Junction, Michigan, near Jackson, Michigan.

The installation consisted of a 500 sq. ft. space in the monastery’s chapel. As you might imagine, it serves as a peaceful gathering place for spiritual retreats.

While discussing the project with Michigan Hardwood Floor Services, the monastery requested that the floor pattern and design not draw attention away from the purpose of this sacred space. Rather, it should add to the overall peacefulness of the room and the monastery, and reinforce the rich spirituality of the monastery experience.

Hardwood Chosen: Brazilian Cherry

Keeping in mind the monastery’s wish to create something humble and simple, Victor Mulbauer suggested Brazilian Cherry because of its beautiful natural color, and its ability to stay in tune with the other pieces adorning the room.

Herringbone with Custom Border

A Herringbone Design With a Custom Border

To subtly deepen the experience, Mulbauer recommended a herringbone design parquet floor with a Maple, White Oak, and Brazilian Cherry inlay.

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Why Herringbone?

The herringbone pattern makes the hardwood floor stronger and sturdier since the pattern absorbs high compression and provides structural stability. Given that the chapel floor would be exposed to considerable traffic, herringbone was an ideal choice.

Furthermore, the herringbone pattern is extremely popular in Europe. It added a sense of history and tradition to the space that the monastery’s residents and visitors would welcome.

Why the Custom Border?

A border complements a herringbone installation. It frames the pattern and completes the overall project.

The custom border around the edge of the herringbone floor was inspired by the Peles Castel in Sinaia, Romania. The design gives you the impression of a river flowing smoothly down the valley.

Traditional Hardwood Installation Technique

Mulbauer further incorporated culture into this traditional monastery by using an old-fashioned installation technique that warranted individually milling each wood board, with a tongue at the end of each board. In this way, the tongue of the right board would fit into the groove of the left, eliminating the use of a spline and decreasing the installation time on the job site.

Michigan Wood Floor Services submitted this installation for consideration for the 2020 NWFA Wood Floor of the Year contest.

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Custom Hardwood and Custom Border Project Details

Victor Mulbauer cut the herringbone hardwood slats in his workshop so they were ready to install. The overall project took seven days to complete:

  • Installation of the hardwood floor took four days
  • Sanding and finishing using a water base finish took three days

The images below show you details on the project installation as this custom herringbone with a custom border evolved.