Dark Ebony-Stained Hardwood Floors Add Drama and Elegance to Michigan Home

This stunning installation features ebony-stained hardwood floors throughout the home and an elegant spiral staircase in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Why Choose Michigan Hardwood Floor Service for This Project?

These homeowners first worked with Michigan Hardwood Floor Service for their previous home in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

When they purchased a new house in Bloomfield Hills, they immediately looked to hire Victor Mulbauer once again to work on their floors for the following reasons:

    • They were impressed with Michigan Hardwood Floor Services’ craftsmanship and work ethic.
    • The 99.9% dustless system the homeowner wanted for indoor air quality.
    • The antimicrobial hardwood floor finish cured with UV light.

You can read this homeowner’s review of this hardwood flooring project on Google.

Grand staircase with wood floors
Ebony-stained hardwood floors throughout the home and an elegant spiral staircase

Ebony Stained Hardwood Floors Details

This challenging yet rewarding project consisted of sanding and refinishing 3,300 square feet and a beautiful staircase. the goal was to weave together the new and old floors.

Hardwood Chosen: 2 1/4″ Red Oak

The project started with the installation of 2 1/4″-wide planks of red oak.

The homeowner chose red oak to match their existing floor. This red oak 2 1/4″ installation interweaves perfectly with the existing floor, ultimately providing a seamless hardwood floor throughout the whole house.

Wood floor entry
In order to prevent slipping, the stairs were finished with nonslip grip additives.

Next Decision: Ebony Stain for the Floors

Before sanding the floors, the next step was choosing the stain color.

When it came to selecting the floor’s color, the winner was Ebony. The Ebony color is stylish and classic, adding elegance to the ambiance of this new house with its bright spaces filled with light from floor-to-ceiling windows. The Ebony finish adds an interesting note to the house and lays the foundation for the homeowner’s decoration ideas.

Sanding to Prepare the Floors for the Dark Ebony Stain

After installing the new wood floors, Michigan Hardwood Floor Services started the dustless sanding process, then applied a full filler. Once the filler was sanded down, Victor Mulbauer prepared the floor for the dark ebony stain. This required water popping the floor, letting it dry properly, and then applying the stain.

Ebony Wood Floors

Antimicrobial Finish and UV Light Curing

After applying the stain, Michigan Hardwood Floor Services treated the floor with Radcoat antimicrobial finish and cured with UV light.

Nonslip Finish for the Ebony Stained Stairs

For the stairs, the customer wanted a finish that would prevent slippage, and Victor Mulbauer recommended a finish with nonslip grip additives. One of the benefits of this finish is that not only does it provide exceptional durability and protection for hardwood floors, but it also meets the highest standards for slip resistance. This is because there is a higher coefficient of friction, therefore making it the ideal choice for stairs while also being VOC compliant.

Dining room with wood floors
The floor was finished and cured with UV light.

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