Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation

There are a number of reasons why homeowners prefer engineered hardwood over solid hardwood, and the most common is stability!

Engineered hardwood is composed of two layers – the top layer is the actual hardwood portion, while the bottom layer is made up of plywood or other materials.

This plywood region is the one that provides the stability. It is made up of several thin layers of plywood which go in cross-sections and thus help to hold the engineered wood in place. As a result, engineered floors are slightly more stable than solid hardwood and also perform slightly better in humid locations.

Let me give you an example of a project where the customers wanted engineered hardwood.

5 in wide Engineered Hardwood Floors Installed Throughout the House
5 in wide Engineered Hardwood Floors Installed Throughout the House

A Dark, Rich 5″ Engineered Hardwood

There was a young professional couple who had been in the market to buy a house for a long time. When they finally settled on one, they gave it their all and performed an extensive renovation project to turn it into their dream home.

For their floor, they were going for a dark, rich look. They found a sample of prefinished engineered hardwood they really liked.

The existing floor in the original house was a 2 ¼ -inch wide hardwood, and they wanted a wider plank for the new floor. They selected a five-inch prefinished engineered hardwood in a dark brown.

Again, the reason for choosing the engineered hardwood was due to its stability. This is also the case when wider and longer planks are installed, they will eventually perform better in seasonal relative humidity changes characteristic to Michigan’s climate.

With an engineered floor, you can go with a wider plank. Just make sure to control the humidity to the same level as you would for solid hardwood (30-50%).

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Installation in Process of 5 inch engineered hardwood floors
Installation in Process of 5 inch engineered hardwood floors

The installation turned out great!

Michigan Hardwood Floor Services was able to give them a floor that flows beautifully throughout the house, as well as peace of mind that it was going to look great for years to come.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have clients who welcome us into their homes and trust that we will deliver quality craftsmanship, expertise, and friendly service.

Sunlight Gives Light to this Dark Chocolate Parquet
Sunlight Gives Light to this Dark Chocolate Parquet

What to Look For When Shopping for Engineered Hardwood Floors

When shopping for engineered hardwood, make sure you review all of the product details, especially the type of plywood used as this is the key to product stability! Baltic Burch is the most stable.

Make sure to ask how thick the layer of hardwood is on the surface. And lastly, try to buy a product that has been manufactured in the USA.

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