A Stunning Gold Leaf Custom Hardwood Floor

Nothing quite captures the essence of a custom hardwood floor than one created with gold leaf.

In this project, the hand-carved Poplar centerpieces are covered in a total of 65 foils of gold leaves and steal the spotlight in this room. A gold rose blooms in the center, each tiny detail carved out by hand, while rose buds sit delicately at each corner.

Meticulously carved, the centerpieces swoon together and wedge themselves comfortably on the Maple herringbone mosaic background that is reminiscent of a canvas. A contrasting Maple, Brazilian Cherry, and Wenge Wood form the border. Brazilian Cherry completes the rest of the room.

Gold leaf custom hardwood floor
Gold leaf custom hardwood floor

Redefine a Space With Gold Leaf in a Custom Floor Design

In this image, you get a full view of this custom hardwood creation.

The contrasting Maple, Brazilian Cherry, and Wenge Wood border pull colors from the floor design while also tying in the tones from the fireplace surround.

The end result is total elegance, a highly personal statement, and quality that only Michigan Hardwood Floor Services and Victor Mulbauer can achieve.

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Michigan Hardwood Floors Services, LLC. can help you create your own custom floor with gold leaf. We handcraft each element of the design so your floors become works of art that transform the space they grace.

Craftmanship is timeless, as is any custom created wood floor design.