Light Reflecting Hardwood Floor Finish

A light wood installation and finish can create a sense of open space and light-filled airiness, especially in a house like this one located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in a beautiful golf course club setting. This sanding and refinishing project consists of a light hardwood flooring installation using white oak and a white finish.

Floors Installed on the Diagonal

What makes this installation stand out is that the wood floor planks have been installed on the diagonal, creating a sense of movement that the homeowner fell in love with.

Overview of This Light Wood Installation Project

This house initially had white oak 2 1/4” parquet flooring installed on the diagonal in the kitchen area. The rest of the house was covered with carpet.

The project started with removing the carpet and installing an unfinished 2 1/4″ white oak hardwood floor where the carpet had been, approximately 1200 sq ft.

Next came sanding and refinishing the floors in the entire house to match the finish color.

Project Challenge: Installing Hardwood on a Concrete Slab

The project lasted about 2 weeks.

One of the challenges was that the living room was set on a concrete slab whereas the rest of the house had a plywood subfloor in good condition.

Michigan Hardwood Floor Services had to prepare the concrete floor for hardwood flooring installation by using a concrete grinder to clean the floor, remove any coating and debris, and slightly roughen up the surface so the glue used during installation would stick.

After this, the next step was to test the subfloor for excess moisture by using a concrete moisture test kit to make sure the moisture in the floor was within the manufacturing limits.

Stunning Results From Light Wood Installation

The finish on this hardwood floor consisted of a very light stain with several coats of sealer. More specifically, the light color came from a Bona white stain, two coats of Bona sealer, and then two coats of water base Bona Traffic HD.

The homeowner was delighted with the final results! Imagine a pristine home with a neutral wall paint color, floor-to-ceiling windows combined with white hardwood floors that reflect the light from the windows to give you an even greater sense of open space.

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