Hardwood Floors in New Construction

New construction projects have a lot in common with major remodeling projects in that they are intense projects that don’t allow you, the homeowner, to live in the space, especially when new wood floors are a must.

In many ways, new construction – and major remodels – represent an ideal scenario. Why? Because you don’t have furniture to move or need to worry about living in the middle of a construction zone with installation, not to mention sanding and finishing if you choose a site-finished installation. It’s much easier to ensure that every other finish – including the paint – has been done before the floors.

New Wood Floor Installation
This 3 1/4 inch Brazilian cherry hardwood floor in its natural beautiful color is the last touch that transforms this house into a home.

Details About this New Hardwood Flooring Installation

This project represents a newly purchased house in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the owners decided to entirely redo the 1,500 sq foot main level of the house, and install hardwood floors.

This portfolio project represents a new hardwood flooring installation where the owner chose pre-finished (or factory-finished) Brazilian Cherry in 3-1/4″ wide planks for the entire main level of the house, including the kitchen.

Since the wood was pre-finished, it only required installation. Michigan Hardwood Floor Services used a nail-down method with glue assistance, completing the project in one week.

All lines and curves and a beautiful Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor.

What Challenges Does A New Construction/Remodel Flooring Project Like This Represent?

As mentioned above, this installation project covered the whole main area of the house. It included walls with different angles and shapes, such as hexagons and circles, a fireplace, columns, many rooms surrounding this open area, several small hallways between rooms, closets, a large staircase to the upstairs in the middle of the foyer, and a staircase down to the basement. Not only would Victor Mulbauer need to use his master craftsman hardwood installation skills but he would also need to visualize the challenges this area’s floor plan raises.

Determining Where to Start the Hardwood Installation

When doing a hardwood floor installation, the first thing you have to do is find a straight line in the house; this can be a wall or a straight line drawn with chalk in the middle of the house. From there, you can start the installation.

Understanding the Obstacles in the Way

Once you choose this starting point, you have to see what obstacles are in one direction and what are the obstacles in the other direction. Then, you must consider the options you have to get around these obstacles because the danger that arises when you install parquet in a large area that has different shapes and angles, is having deviations after you have gone around the obstacle.

At that point, you have to make sure that the rows on the left and right meet perfectly. Depending on which side you start, you can eliminate chances for mistakes.

Anticipating Hardwood Flooring Obstacles

Based on the house plans, it was easy to draw the starting line of the installation in the dining room, great room, breakfast area, and kitchen, because it was the longest part of the house and it was easy to go forward and backward with the installation.

However, a major group of obstacles was in the way of that straight line: a large staircase to the upstairs area in the middle of the foyer, the entrance to the basement, and a small hallway between the kitchen and dining room. Taking this option as the starting line meant having a deviation on the board in three areas:

    • When meeting the row from the dining room to the foyer, or
    • At the entrance to the hallway and
    • In the foyer behind the stairs.

Finalizing the Wood Floor Starting Point

Considering all this, Victor decided to start the installation from the opposite direction, drawing a straight line through the living room, foyer, and dining room. Installation began in the direction of the great room, breakfast area, and kitchen because this option excluded any deviation.

Victor was asked why he did not go with the first option, preferring the second option. When the installation was done, it became obvious that this decision resulted in a spectacular and seamless hardwood flooring installation.

New installation, 4" Brazillian Cherry/Jatoba, nail down, glue assist, in Ann Arbor.

Including Hardwood Floors in New Construction or Remodeling Projects

This installation project took place just before Christmas. As soon as Victor completed the flooring installation, the homeowners arrived with a Christmas tree ready to celebrate not just the holiday but also their beautifully remodeled home with magnificent hardwood floors throughout the main level.

This project featured pre-finished hardwood flooring. However, it could easily have been a site-finished project in which case it would have included sanding, staining, and finishing.

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