Reclaimed Look Engineered Hardwood Floors Add an Authentic Design Touch.

This unique space shines with a more natural, brushed, and beautifully oiled handcrafted engineered floor.

Do you love the look of reclaimed hardwood floors? Here’s a project that combined engineered wood technology with the look of reclaimed hardwood to create a stunning look that spanned two separate homes and an addition.

The Satisfaction of Repeat Customers & Stunning Wood Floors

For a hardwood flooring contractor like Victor Mulbauer, there is nothing more rewarding than working with a previous client. As he explains,

“I am always so happy to start working with a new customer, as each project brings its own unique set of challenges. This makes me very excited to figure out a solution, and in turn build a professional relationship with that customer. The best part is when this same client hires you to work on a second project, and even more rewarding is when they call you back for a third project! That’s when you really know you’re doing things the way they should be done!”

Beautifully aged handcrafted engineered hardwood floor
Beautifully aged handcrafted engineered hardwood floor

This was the case with Leeanne and John. They first hired Michigan Hardwood Floor Services when they needed to add a hardwood floor to an existing area in their home, followed by sanding and refinishing of the entire main floor area.

7.5 inch wide plank hardwood flooring installation
Wide plank hardwood flooring installation

A few years later when they purchased a new house, they called back to customize a space that fits their needs. To check off all the boxes in their list of wants, a big renovation project took place and they decided to add a large addition project that included a larger closet/dressing room. As they were a fan of hardwood floors, they were sure to include it in their want list for the new house.

More specifically, the look they had chosen was that of reclaimed wood floors in engineered hardwood.

These 7.5-inch wide engineered wood planks took the look and feel of reclaimed wood to another level, as you can see from these images. They added warmth, character, and texture to the vibe Leeanne and John wanted to bring to their homes.

Glue down installation of engineered reclaimed wood
Hard work and dedication, the key to success for a job done well

Reclaimed Look Hardwood Floors Project

The renovation project consisted of the installation of a little bit over 3,000 sq ft of 7.5 inches wide planks of beautifully aged handcrafted engineered floor.  Add to this the natural oil finish and you have a winner floor: the one that combines the look and feel of an ancient, reclaimed floor with the modern performance features of an engineered floor.

Yes, the wood itself was beautiful but the project was quite challenging!

Glue down installation of 7.5 inch wide handcrafted engineered hardwood floor
7.5 inch wide plank engineered hardwood floor installation

There were two different types of subfloors, a wood subfloor, and a partially concrete subfloor that required many moisture readings to make sure the wood was acclimated and the moisture in the floor and subfloor was within the manufacturing limits.

Glue down installation of reclaimed engineered floor in progress
Glue down installation in progress

The installation was glue-down, the boards were not only wide but also long, and especially because of the natural oil in the top coat finish, it was painstaking because Victor didn’t want to let even a bit of glue touch the top side of the wood planks.


Wide planks reclaimed wood style engineered hardwood floors
Installation in progress

The whole area was a mix of lines and curves, with small rooms and a lot of closets that poured into an open area with beautiful columns. Each of these areas required special attention – it was quite literally measure twice, cut once. 

Look and feel of an ancient, reclaimed floor combines with the modern performance of nowadays engineered floors.
Look and feel of an ancient, reclaimed floor combines with the modern performance of nowadays engineered floors.
Reclaimed engineered wood floor installation: addiiton
Reclaimed engineered wood floor installation: addition

The Addition: Matching the Existing Reclaimed Look Engineered Floors

Following this project, Leanne and John contacted Victor for the third time regarding a large addition project. This time it was a 900-square-foot closet/dressing room. To keep things in tune with the rest of the house, when it came to the floor, they chose to install a similar flooring to what already existed in the home, the beautiful 7 ½ inch wide handcrafted engineered floors. To finish off the space, California closets were installed to foster the main purpose of this addition. This project was so successful that in 2022, it won first best in the Best Closet Category in the annual Detroit Design Award Competition.


Detroit Design Awards 2022

It was truly a pleasure to work with these clients. Throughout each phase of the projects, they kept Victor up to date, they knew what they wanted from the beginning.

After all the boxes in their list of wants were checked off and they have turned their project dreams into reality, they are certainly enjoying their new space as a family.

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