Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Installations

Trends at the moment are tending towards wider and longer planks. This is engineered territory! The millennial customer of today and tomorrow is not afraid of an engineered product, and in fact, prefers it for all the right reasons.

Here we highlight examples of wide plank-engineered hardwood flooring installations.

Wide Planks in Saginaw Hills Estates, Michigan

Our clients had recently purchased an exquisite home in Saginaw Hills Estates, located just a few minutes from downtown Ann Arbor. They were ready to transfer this house into a current modern-day design and wanted engineered hardwood in wide plank widths.

Wide engineered white oak wood completes the contemporary look of this beautiful room.

They had a clear vision for the hardwood floor they wanted – a wire-brushed 7.5”-wide European white oak engineered hardwood floor, the same floor they had in their last house and were very pleased and satisfied with.

The manufacturer of this engineered flooring used an anti-scratch with aluminum oxide top coat finish for added durability.

Wide engineered wood planks in a light color with a hint of grey

The installation consisted of over 1,800 square feet in the living room, hallway, half bathroom, foyer, kitchen, and dining room.

For the floor color, they chose to go with Dover, a light color with a hint of grey undertones, something with natural character that suited their décor and lifestyle perfectly.


The house itself was spectacular. There were so many interesting elements to look at – a magnificent two-story living room flaunting soaring ceilings, walls of windows, and a floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace.

The unique contemporary look of the wide-plank engineered hardwood formed a pleasing backdrop that complimented their beautiful décor.

Glue and nail down installation of 7.5 inch wide engineered white oak wood floor
Glue and nail down installation of 7.5 inch wide engineered white oak wood floor

Another 7.5″ Wide Engineered Wood Installation

Wide planks add character and visual interest, as you can see with this next project where the engineered wood looked reclaimed and hand-scraped.

Look and feel of an ancient, reclaimed floor combines with the modern performance of nowadays engineered floors.

You can learn more about this project by visiting Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring.

6″ Wide Hardwood Installation

Another wide-plank installation you might be interested in consists of a 6″ wide red oak project in a Jacobean stain.

Jacobean wide plank hardwood floors
Jacobean 6-inch wide plank hardwood floors

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have clients who welcome us into their homes and trust that we will deliver quality craftsmanship, expertise, and friendly service. It’s a pleasure to share these projects with you.

What to Look For When Shopping for Engineered Hardwood Floors

When shopping for engineered hardwood, make sure you review all of the product details, especially the type of plywood used as this is the key to product stability! Baltic Burch is the most stable.

Make sure to ask how thick the layer of hardwood is on the surface. And lastly, try to buy a product that has been manufactured in the USA.

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