Embracing craftsmanship and
modern approaches
for expert hardwood floor services.

Michigan Hardwood Floor Services is the vision of Victor Mulbauer, an artisan with an understanding of the future, who draws from the values of fine craftsmanship and armors himself with the culture of old wood.

Whether you are looking for a new hardwood floor installation, want to refinish your existing floors, or have in mind elegant parquet floors or a custom hardwood creation, Michigan Hardwood Floor Services can help you.

Depending on your choice, you can count on a quality installation, a dustless finishing process thanks to Bona technology, and UV curing.

We invite you to explore the hardwood flooring services available.


A properly installed and
maintained wood floor
will last for many years.

Sanding +

Most hardwood floors can
be sanded and refinished
multiple times over their lifetime

Custom Hardwood

A pioneer in hand-carved
floors, Victor creates unique
original hardwood floors.


The UV Curing process
cures the finish instantly
reducing downtime.

Wood Floors

Consider Herringbone, Chevron, and Versailles parquet floors to add elegance to your home.


We use the Bona Atomic
DCS to minimize airborne
dust during sanding.

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Farmington Hills, MI

Our Floors Look Beautiful!

Victor, owner of Michigan Hardwood Floors, is amazing! Our floors look beautiful! We contacted Victor via his website to refinish all of the oak floors in our home. He maintained communication daily and kept to an efficient schedule. He is always willing to answer questions and gives you opportunities to ask them as he explains the process each day.

Victor is very detail-oriented and went above and beyond with our job. He was also highly adaptive when we ran into some electrical issues. We will recommend Victor and his company to anyone we know who wants beautiful wood floors at a great value!

Service - Hardwood floor installation

Who is Michigan Hardwood Floor Services?

Michigan Hardwood Floor Services is the vision of Victor Mulbauer, an artisan with an understanding of the future, who draws from the values of fine craftsmanship and armors himself with the culture of old wood.

When you choose Michigan Hardwood Floor Services, you will be dealing with one person from the beginning to the completion of your flooring project. We are a small business that works directly with our clients, and we believe that craftsmanship is timeless.

During the In-Home Evaluation, you get to meet me, Victor, and see whether you even want me to be working on your floors in the first place. This is something which may be hard to do when you’re dealing with a salesman or estimator during the quoting process. We take pride in our work, and when you deal with Michigan Hardwood Floor Services, you’ll always be communicating with the same person.

Are you a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)?

Michigan Hardwood Floor Services is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and a NWFA Certified Professional Craftsman. Victor is very involved with the NWFA association, the only trade association devoted to the hardwood floor industry.

May I have a quote over the phone?

We completely understand that it is difficult for you to choose a hardwood floor company, invest a substantial amount of money into your project, and only be able to see the results at the very end. However, we are a service business, and shopping for a hardwood floor company is way different than car shopping for example. No project that we’ve worked on has ever been the same, and that is why we prefer to give the In-Home Evaluation – to see what your project entails and answer any questions you may have. We want to honor your wishes for the vision of your project, and this can only be done if we see the project in person. Once we meet and discuss the needs of your floors, we will provide you with a quote via email whose prices are final.

We are committed to the safety and protection of our environment and have over 15 years and counting of experience servicing the southeastern part of Michigan.

What types of products do you use? Are the products you use environmentally friendly?

Michigan Hardwood Floor Services works with water-based hardwood floor finishes as well as friendly instant curing finishes with low VOC and GreenGuard Certified. We have invested in the most state-of-the-art dustless system available – the Atomic Dust Containment trailer which evacuates the airborne dust out of your house, thus being able to deliver a safe, eco-friendly hardwood floor refinishing process.

Do I need to leave my house?

Believe it or not, this is one of the main questions I receive from my customers. The answer is no, you do not need to leave your house throughout duration of your project. Our products are environmentally friendly, with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and GreenGuard Certified.