Michigan Hardwood Floors Services is one of the leading dustless hardwood floor refinishing companies in the state. Serving various cities in southeastern Michigan, we invite you to allow our team of experienced craftsmen deliver a faultless finish to your hardwood flooring project.

We use the most advanced hardwood floor sanding machinery and dust containment systems available today. What separates us from other hardwood refinishing companies is our quality craftsmanship combined with the latest wood floor sanding equipment.



The hardwood floor refinishing process completed by the old traditional sanding system used to be a nightmare. Customers who used that method often complained about the amount of dust left behind, and some said they would rather move than go through that nightmare again.


Michigan Hardwood Floors Services offers a DUSTLESS SANDING SYSTEM

After years of searching for the right dustless sanding system, one that would live up to the high-quality standards that has defined our company for years, we are confident we’ve found the system that will make the sanding process a little easier, cleaner, and safer for your family and home!





Airborne wood dust, a known carcinogen, is a job site hazard that our company contains with the Bona Trailer  Atomic Dust Containment System (DCS). This tool has a powerful intake system with a hospital-grade HEPA filter, which allows it to eliminate virtually all airborne dust associate with the sanding and finishing process. The Bona Atomic DCS runs off its own 27-HP water-cooled engine and drives the powerful vacuum that draws the sanding dust outside and into a containment system outside your house.

This results in a higher quality of the finish itself, by eliminating airborne dust that could settle into the finish during the drying process.


BENEFITS of using the Atomic Trailer -Mounted DCS

Michigan Hardwood Floors Services is proud to offer this technologically advanced system to the metro Detroit Area

  • The Atomic Trailer generates 99.8% less dust than traditional sanding
  • It is highly recommended for those suffering from allergies or asthma
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by eliminating the nightmare of dust migrating throughout the home for months after the finishing process is completed


Here’s what our customers had to say on our Angie’s List Profile

  • “Very professional and due to his excellent equipment totally dust free.” – Lucka S., Madison Heights
  • “Victor refurbished and transformed our damaged, pitted, stained, fifty-year-old floor. Using Bona stain, we are confident that the air quality is safe because this product does not contain hazardous ingredients.” – Marina C., Grosse Pointe Shores
  • “I had no difficulty with dirt particles in the finish (as I had on another refinishing project) and my house was very livable throughout the project.” – Joan S. Bloomfield