refinishing-2One of the other areas of hardwood flooring that Michigan Hardwood Floors Services specializes in is sanding and refinishing of new/existing hardwood flooring.

Although this may not be apparent, the sanding process depends on the floor’s shape and quality. We usually start the sanding process with the finest grid possible, which takes less time and wastes less hardwood. For the following step, leveling, we use the next consecutive grit of sandpaper- we never jump more than one grit. After sanding and buffing, we employ the most thorough vacuuming process to remove all dirt and dust that could potentially impair the finish quality. (Finish as in the final outcome, or finish as in the product– satin/ semi-gloss finish) Next, we apply three coats of high-quality commercial-grade urethane and buff the hardwood floor between coats. This process eliminates the grain raising and knocks down any imperfections, creating the smoothest surface possible for the last coat of finish.

You can be sure you are in the right hands with us, when choosing your hardwood floor specialists! We use the latest and finest tools and our team has the expertise to deliver a faultless, high quality hardwood floor refinishing job.

We use commercial grade oil & water-based finish by Bona. These products will extend the life of your floor and are applied for high traffic areas in residential & commercial floors.


Water-based finishes appear clear and will resist turning yellow over time. They have a mild odor when applied, and will dry in about two to three hours. Water-based finishes are very durable.

Oil-based finishes appear amber in color. They have a moderate odor when applied, and will dry in about eight hours. Oil-based finishes are very durable.