Are you wondering about hardwood floor trends that are relevant for 2022? Read on to learn more!

When it comes to your interior design, hardwood flooring acts as the canvas that makes your dreams come true. It enables you to create exactly what you want to portray with your design from the bottom up. So, take in the new styles and design themes, incorporate trends in your home and get excited for what’s to come this year in hardwood floor trends! 

Whether you want to build a new home or renovate your existing one, these hardwood floor trends for 2022 will be your guide! 

Five Hardwood Floor Trends for 2022

Hardwood Floors With Character

Trend #1 – Hardwood Floors With Character

Hardwood flooring with plenty of character is becoming very prominent. Such flooring has different levels of grading, from premium grading to maximum character. Planks with character grading will have open knots, cracks, deeply brushed, darker marking whorls, and clipped edges. All are on-trend.

Although fine grading was more popular in the past, 2022 is the year of character wood flooring.

Projects the Michigan Wood Floor Services that feature character include:

>> Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

>> Hand-scraped Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Refinished wood floor: greige tones that mix browns with greys.

Hardwood Floor Trend #2 – Greige Is In Because Gray Has Gone Away

Gone are the days of gray flooring! Instead, rich medium browns and natural finishes are the hardwood flooring trends that shouldn’t be overlooked in 2022. Lighter tones celebrate greige – a mix of grey and beige – for more warmth, naturalness, and richer tones.

If you are looking for wide plank flooring and want the patina of the planks to mature and age without refinishing the floor, then rich medium browns are a perfect choice!

Natural finishes and browns are more flexible than grays. It means you can get more creative with your interior design. 

French Oak wood floor trends

Trend #3 – French Oak Wood Floors

French Oak has been trending for several years and is still dominating the home market as the top choice for hardwood flooring.

Thanks to its durability and beautiful look, people love to use it for their flooring purposes. In addition, French Oak can absorb and show your finish better than other woods, thanks to the naturally high tannins present in the wood. 

Parquet wood floor

Hardwood Floor Trend #4 – Parquet Hardwood Flooring

Parquet flooring is very prominent in Europe. You see it in hotels, museums, stores, and restaurants. In 2022, it has become one of the most popular hardwood flooring trends among luxury interior designers and homeowners.

Use herringbone and chevron patterns to create a showpiece in different spaces, even using the designs for walls or ceiling finishes!

>> Explore Parquet Floors

>> See Custom Herringbone with Custom Border Installation

Pre-finished engineered wood floor

Trend #5 – Pre-finished Engineered Wood Floors

Thanks to many great perks, pre-finished engineered wood flooring have increased in popularity. It is more stable and sustainable than other solid hardwood.

Other reasons that make it the top hardwood floor trend in 2022 are wider and longer planks and the ability to install it everywhere without any hassle. 

Hardwood floors will never go out of style. Built to last, these floors can endure use while preserving their beauty and charm, and adding value to your home.

These five 2022 hardwood flooring trends offer you ideas for transforming your home and adding visual interest and character that are sure to set your floors apart for years to come. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Michigan Hardwood Floor Services with your wood floor questions. We can help you create whatever look inspires you most.